Are you an Islamic school?

We are not an Islamic school. We are a school that nurtures generations of model citizens with academic excellence and Islamic values to succeed in this life and the Hereafter.

Are you a government school?

We are a private school under a non-profit organization, Hira Foundation.

Are you an Arabic medium school?

No, we teach Arabic as a subject. We teach all the other subjects in English except for Dhivehi, Islam, and Quran.

How do you manage your electricity?

Our school runs on 100% solar.

How would I know if you are accepting new students or whether there’s any placement available?

You can always fill out the admission request form on our website.

Is your school 100% plastic-free?

Yes, all our students, staff, and parents follow our zero-plastic rule.

Up to which grade do you teach?

We started as a small pre-school with a curriculum based on the National Curriculum of the Maldives adding a new grade each year. We teach from Baby Nursery (2 ½-year-old) up to Grade 10 now.

How much is your registration fee?

Foundation – MVR100

Grade 1 to 10 – MVR500

How much is your school fee?

Nursery / B.Nursery – MVR.1,450

UKG / LKG – MVR.1700

Grade 1 to 6 – MVR.2500

Grade 7 to 10 – MVR.2800

Is registration fee refundable?

No, it is not refundable.

What are the ways you accept school fee?

We accept cash during office hours as well as online transfers.

How do you take assessments?

We take ongoing assessments throughout the year.

How do you teach basic skills?

We implement our own whole school skill program which covers all the basic and daily skills needed for their future.

What is your main teaching method?

In the foundation stage, we focus on improving student hand and eye coordination, gross and fine motor skills through various activities.

Our main teaching method is focused on hands-on activities and real-life experiences throughout the school.

Do you punish students?

We do not punish our students; we help our students to achieve their goals through various activities.

How do you implement value in your student?

We have a special value program we conduct throughout the school.

How do you reinforce students?

We use reward systems, behavior management systems, and so on.

Do you teach English? Is this school an English medium school?

Yes, we do teach English and our school is an English medium school.

How do you teach Math?

We follow Oxford, Math Makes Sense Program starting from the foundation stage.

What curriculum do you follow?

We follow the National curriculum of Maldives. We initiated implementing the curriculum since the establishment of the school in 2010 during our pilot stage. We have gained recognition for the successful implementation of the new curriculum.

What subjects do you teach?

We teach all the subjects included in the National Curriculum of Maldives.