School Uniform

  • Stitch the outer top of the uniform using a plaid maroon cloth. Make the badge separately and attach it. The length of the uniform must be 2 inches below the knee. Uniforms must be loose.
  • There must be a band from the middle attaching the two sides. Buttons must be attached to the top of the uniform. Buttons must be in black.
  • There must be two long plackets on their sides. There must be two pockets. (One on each side)
  • There must be a placket at the back of the uniform. (From the middle)
  • The inside top must be stitched using a white uniform cloth. The sleeve must be as of a shirt. The button must be in white.
  • Pants must be stitched using a maroon cloth. Two pockets must be there in the front. Buttons must be in black.
  • Shoes and socks must be in black.
  • The veil must be in maroon cloth.
  • Uniform clothes will be available from Aishma Needles.

Activity Uniform